Water Service


Indiana American Water Co., Inc.
Service Area Richmond & 2 Mile Fringe
Water Source Middlefork Reservoir, 2 Springs, 12 Wells
Current Capacity 11.1 Million Gallons/Day
Current Demand 6 Million Gallons/Day
Peak Demand 8 Million Gallons/Day
Storage Capacity 4.6 Million Gallons/Day
Avg. Residential Use 3,000 Gallons/Month


Volumetric Rate Schedule for IAMWC*
Volumetric rate per 1,000 Gallons First 15,000 $4.4057
Next 3,725,000 $3.5536
All over 3,740,000 $2.0259

*Rates are subject to additional fees and taxes.


Richmond Sanitary District
Current Flow 10 million gallons/day
Current Capacity 18 million gallons/day


Cambridge City/Indiana Gateway Industrial Park*

Cambridge City Water Works (Municipally Owned)
Service Area Cambridge City & Fringe
Water Source 3 Wells
Current Capacity 1.9 Million Gallons/Day
Current Demand 300,000 Gallons/Day
Storage Capacity 500,000 Gallons
Avg. Residential Use 4,000 Gallons per month

Volumetric Rate Schedule for Cambridge City*

Volumetric Rate per 1,000 Gallons First 3,333 $3.93
Next 6,667 $3.45
Next 6,667 $2.91
Over 16,667 $1.73

*Rates are subject to additional fees and taxes.

Indiana Gateway Industrial Park*
Service Area IGIP
Water Source 2 Wells
Current Capacity 1.4 Million Gallons/Day
Current Demand 100,000 Gallons/Day

*IGIP (Indiana Gateway Industrial Park) receives water from Cambridge City Water Works, however operates under its own system of wells.

Volumetric Rate Schedule for IGIP*
Volumetric Rate per 1,000 Gallons First 15,000 $3.23
Next 35,000 $2.35
Over 50,000 $1.78

*Rates subject to additional fees and taxes.

Western Wayne Sanitary District

Please call the EDC of Wayne County for current information.



Hagerstown Water Department (Municipally Owned)

Service Area Hagerstown & Fringe
Water Source 2 High-Capacity Wells
Current Capacity 850,000 Gallons/Day
Current Demand 200,000 Gallons/Day
Storage Capacity 550,000 Gallons
Avg. Residential Use 4,200 Gallons/Month
Avg. Residential Bill $19.43


Rates of Consumption for Hagerstown*
Volumetric Rate per 1,000 Gallons First 3,000 $5.22
Next 12,000 $3.77
Next 20,000 $2.65
Next 25,000 $2.01
Over 60,000 $1.67

*Calculated from Hagerstown City Code of Ordinance. Rates are subject to additional fees and taxes.


Hagerstown Sewer Department
Current Flow 207,000 gallons/day
Current Capacity 350,000 gallons/day



Centerville Water Works
Service Area Centerville & Fringe
Water Source Groundwater
Current Capactiy 520,000 Gallons/Day
Current Demand 240,000 Gallons/Day
Storage Capacity 280,000 Gallons/Day
Centerville Water Treatment Plant
Current Flow 240,000 gallons/day
Current Capacity 500,000 gallons/day